Beef row - A potential threat to communal harmony

The row over 'Beef' has assumed alarming proportions in India. The issue has become so ominous that communal foment is gradually but steadily spreading its wings. The issue will have larger ramifications if the violence and outburst is not quelled at least at this stage. It is a multidimensional issue that has got a lot to do with the belief, custom and practice of the people of various religions and the numerous sects that coexist in our country.

Such matters require a healthy and civilised debate process to be talked over. Violence is never an answer but is only a pre cursor for disastrous consequences. Fringe elements and vested interests are taking full advantage of the situation by poisoning the minds of the people. What the nation can least afford at this stage is a communal backlash and that is what these vested interests seem to be interested in. The nation should rally itself against such devilish plans and should rather concentrate on several other issues that affect the life of the commoner. 

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