Military and Terrorism reign - Pakistan’s curse!

The clinical strikes by India across the LOC busting the terrorist launch pads have titled the equations. India has shown that its patience cannot be tested any more. The level of tolerance has been breached. The recent strike leaves no cavil that India is prepared to take it heads on. Notwithstanding the denial on the other side of the border, it cannot be seriously gainsaid that the issue

Indo-Pak peace talks should continue despite the recent terrorist attacks

Efforts to have a thaw in the relationship with Pakistan have always been fraught with undesirable consequences. That it is a part of an intentionally designed ploy is anybody's guess. The brazen attack on the Indian Air Force base at Pathankot recently rises apart from issues relating to security the extent of operational success that the ultras from across the border can achieve. While it

Beef row - A potential threat to communal harmony

The row over 'Beef' has assumed alarming proportions in India. The issue has become so ominous that communal foment is gradually but steadily spreading its wings. The issue will have larger ramifications if the violence and outburst is not quelled at least at this stage. It is a multidimensional issue that has got a lot to do with the belief, custom and practice of the people of various


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